Property damage can result from various events, often making it difficult to identify why they happened. At Focus Consulting, we specialise in managing claims related to storm damage, subsidence, flooding, and fire incidents. With extensive experience and a practical approach, we ensure the efficient handling of these issues. Our goal is to achieve swift and fair resolutions for our clients.
Storm Damage

Identifying the exact cause of property damage often requires distinguishing between storm-related issues, maintenance deficiencies, and pre-existing defects. Our team conducts meticulous investigations using advanced techniques. This helps us accurately assess the extent of storm damage and its implications for property integrity. Such a thorough approach is crucial for resolving disputes between insurers and policyholders effectively.

storm damage

Subsidence, characterised by the gradual sinking or settling of a building’s foundation, poses significant risks to its structural stability. Early intervention is crucial to minimise damage and reduce repair costs. Our proactive strategies combine expert knowledge with practical solutions aimed at stabilising affected structures and preventing further deterioration. This approach ensures long-term property integrity.

Subsidence damage
Flood Damage

Flooding can cause extensive damage, requiring immediate and thorough restoration efforts. Leveraging our extensive experience, including the successful management of over 200 home repairs following the 2000 floods in Southeast England, we excel in flood damage restoration. Working closely with dependable contractors, we expedite recovery processes to ensure minimal disruption and a swift return to normalcy for affected homeowners.

Flood Damage
Fire Incidents

In the aftermath of a fire, prompt action is essential to mitigate losses and ensure safety. Our qualified surveyors conduct comprehensive inspections to evaluate structural damage and assess safety risks. We prioritise the assessment of electrical systems to prevent further hazards and expedite the restoration process. By responding swiftly and methodically, we minimise the impact of fire incidents and support efficient recovery efforts.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Focus Consulting ensures several advantages, particularly in navigating insurance claims related to floods and fires. Our deep understanding of insurance processes guarantees fast and fair settlements. Each project is meticulously overseen to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions. By fostering strong relationships with adjusters and stakeholders, we ensure equitable negotiations and positive outcomes for all parties involved.

For expert guidance and prompt resolution of property damage issues, contact our team today. We are committed to restoring your property efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind throughout the restoration process.