This week, our team at Focus Consulting, had the opportunity to participate in an insightful CPD seminar on Syntha Pulvin Architectural Powder Coatings. Delivered by experts from Sherwin-Williams UK Ltd. This seminar provided a comprehensive overview of Polyester Powder Coatings (PPCs) and their critical role in modern architecture.
Understanding Architectural Powder Coatings

Architectural powder coatings, known in industry specifications as PPCs, are crucial for providing long-term decorative protection to aluminium and galvanised steel components. These coatings are extensively used in the built environment for both their aesthetic appeal and functional durability.

Key Learnings from the Seminar

The seminar was structured to enhance our understanding of PPCs through several core learning objectives:

Applications and Aesthetic Options:
Attendees gained insight into the various applications of PPCs in architecture. We explored the extensive range of colours and finishes available, enabling us to better advise clients on aesthetic choices that suit their projects.

Manufacturing Insights:
We delved into the manufacturing processes behind these products, enhancing our appreciation of the technology and craftsmanship involved in creating high-quality coatings.

Importance of Application:
Proper application is paramount to the performance of PPCs. The seminar emphasized the significance of correct application techniques to ensure longevity and prevent potential failures.

Standards and Testing:
Understanding the rigorous standards and testing procedures that PPCs undergo was crucial. This knowledge allows us to ensure that the products we specify meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Performance Classifications and Guarantees:
We reviewed the performance classifications of various PPCs, their typical applications, and the guarantees provided by manufacturers, equipping us to make informed decisions and offer reliable advice to our clients.

Sustainability Credentials:
Sustainability is a growing concern in construction, and PPCs offer significant environmental benefits. We learned about the sustainability credentials of these coatings, including their contribution to reducing waste and emissions during the building lifecycle.

This seminar aligned with the RIBA Core Curriculum under “Design, construction and technology,” aiming at a general awareness level. It was a valuable opportunity for our team to stay updated with the latest advancements in building materials and technologies.


Participating in the CPD seminar on Syntha Pulvin Architectural Powder Coatings has broadened our expertise and reinforced our commitment to using high-quality, sustainable materials in our projects. At Focus Consulting, we are dedicated to continuous learning and applying our knowledge to deliver superior building solutions. We look forward to incorporating these insights into our future projects, ensuring both aesthetic excellence and structural integrity.

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